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“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Jane Goodall


The stress surrounding the decision making process is a very common occurrence. The idea that a young adult needs to make a choice that will suit them not just in the immediate future but perhaps for the rest of their working lives, can be frightening and cause a lot of uncertainties. There are so many factors which play a role in the whole decision-making process: the individual needs or wishes of the person, the high demands of the people around them, and sometimes unrealistic expectations of the person themselves. Whatever choice is made, it becomes a part of who they are, a part of their identity. The world is a large place and to stand strongly on their own two feet, with confidence, making decisions for themselves, sometimes requires some extra support or guidance.


Naturally there are (young) adults whom from a young age know exactly what they would like to do. It seems reasonably easy for them to realise their dreams and goals. But there are also many  people with a lot of uncertainties. They often don’t know what they want to do and have some problems figuring it out. Fears, uncertainties, mental blockages and a weak connection with their own wishes, can all be a cause of difficulties for these people


I try, using my unique form of coaching, to give more clarity and to create a deeper connection and understanding for my client. The more you know yourself, and the closer the connection with yourself, the clearer the choices are. Every (young) adult is responsible for their own lives and the choices they make within it, but it doesn’t have to feel so serious or heavy. Choices can also be made with a sense of lightness and optimism.


Life can be seen as an adventure, unique to every person, and often with unexpected twists and turns. However strong and well equipped we are to deal with any changes in our lives and the choices we make, the bigger the chances of success.